Everything You Need to Know About Owning a Jim’s Residential & Office Cleaning Franchise

Jim’s Home & Office Cleaning Franchise: Work for Yourself, not by Yourself.

By becoming a Jim’s Home & Office Cleaning franchisee, you leverage our brand, pricing power, advertising, training, systems and support to reach profitability faster, and scale your business while reducing both risk and stress.

The #1 Home and Office Cleaning Franchise for Lifestyle…and Living your Best Life.

With a Jim’s Home and Office Cleaning franchise’s completely flexible business model you can quickly achieve the work/life balance that’s best for you and your family. With Jim’s Cleaning you’re the boss, so live your best life by choosing your income, on your schedule, and at your prices.

The #1 Home and Office Cleaning Franchise with Total Flexibility – Your Services, Your Schedule, Your Prices.

With Jim’s Cleaning you have the complete flexibility to offer a custom mix of services based on your schedule, skills and work preferences.

You can provide cleaning services to residential, commercial, and office customers. The choice of what services to offer and when is completely up to you.

For those who prefer to work in in the evenings or weekends, office and commercial cleaning presents itself as an excellent opportunity.

The #1 Home and Office Cleaning Franchise to Minimize Risk, and Maximize Reward

Launching a successful home and office cleaning business from scratch can be an impossibly daunting task. Branding, quoting, online advertising, marketing strategy, best practices, routing, scheduling, hiring, training…where even to begin?

With over 90% of small business failing in the first 5 years, the benefits of launching a new business with the support of a strong franchisor is recognized to significantly increase the odds of success.

With Jim’s Cleaning you benefit from the systems, training and support we’ve built over decades…from day one.

We have over 30 years of experience building very successful small businesses in the lawn care and landscaping industry. No challenge you’ll face is new to us, and we’ll teach you everything we know.

The #1 Home and Office Cleaning Franchise Brand

With over 1,000 franchises globally, Jim’s Cleaning is the most recognized and trusted name in cleaning in the world. Our vehicles are seen by hundreds of thousands of consumers daily, and we have a very strong advertising and social media presence online.

When consumers think of home and office cleaning franchises, they think of Jim’s Cleaning.

The #1 Home and Office Cleaning Franchise for Software, Systems, Training and Support

For over 30 years we have been striving to create and improve our systems, methodologies and best practices to increase the performance, efficiency and profitability of our franchisees. Our franchisees enjoy an outstanding work/life balance while earning $150,000 to $1,000,000 in revenue annually, more than enough to have the income and freedom to live their best lives.

As a Jim’s Cleaning franchisee, you will also have access to our proprietary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software Jim’s Jobs, as well as a suite of CRM and Bookkeeping software systems offered by our strategic partners, saving you hours of paperwork every month. Earning a strong income is great, but earning more money in less time is even better.

You will also receive 40 hours of classroom training at the Jim’s Group campus in Melbourne, Australia (available online only during Covid-19 travel restrictions) and 1 week of comprehensive field training in Vancouver, BC.

Once you start your home and office cleaning franchise, you will continue your training with 13 weekly sessions covering all the most important facets of running a lawn mowing franchise efficiently and profitably.

Ongoing support is then provided by monthly meetings and training sessions; advising by our team of expert coaches; and guidance from our community of franchisees who support each other for the benefit and success of all.

Leads: How We Generate Work for our Home and Office Cleaning Franchisees

Our marketing efforts focus primarily on creating new work leads for our franchisees. All our branded vehicles and advertising feature the 310-JIMS number and a link to our online booking form on jimscleaningbc.ca

Over 4,500 new customers contacted the Jim’s Call Centre for a free quote in 2020, increasing from 2,500 in 2018 and 3,500 in 2020. All inquiries are processed through our Delta Call Centre and then dispatched to our franchisees across BC who are open to taking new customers. You will have the ultimate in flexibility by only taking leads for the work you want, and only when you want it.

You can purchase as many leads as you need to build/grow your business and you will be starting with 50 free leads. Our closing ratio on leads is approximately 80%. In other words, 4 out of 5 leads convert into business.

The #1 Home and Office Cleaning Franchise Means More Vehicles, and More Vehicles Means More Leads

The foundation of our brand’s success is our famous Jim’s Cleaning Brand. Similar in the way that television, radio and internet commercials are more effective through repetition, the more vehciles we have in a neighborhood or town, the more likely consumers are to call us when they need us.

And as we increase the number of trailers in neighborhoods, the relationship between the increase in the number of trailers and the increase in the number of leads is greater than 1 for 1. In other words, more trailers equal substantially more leads.

No competitor has anything near our fleet of vehicles and trailers which are continuously reinforcing our brand across BC.

The #1 Home and Office Cleaning Franchise Means You Harness the Power of our Group Advertising

Building a business is no longer what it used to be. Gone are the days when you could build a home & office cleaning business with a bucket, a mop, cleaning supplies and some flyers. Businesses today require a strong website, and a very solid understanding of online marketing, advertising and social media. New cleaning businesses can waste tens of thousands of dollars on online advertising with very limited results. We do this all for you, expertly, and with the advertising budget of an organization of over 65+ franchisees in BC.

With Jim’s Cleaning, each of our franchisees contribute to a group advertising fund, and the combined advertising budget of over 65+ franchisees is leveraged geographically to benefit the franchisees who need it most.

With a Jim’s Cleaning franchise, it’s all for one, and one for all.

The #1 Home and Office Cleaning Franchise for Pricing Power

The Jim’s Cleaning brand delivers strong pricing power. Jim’s Cleaning is the recognized premium service provider in BC, which translates to higher demand from higher margin customers.

Compared to our competitors, our pricing is 20-30% higher (and in the top 10% of our industry). Our customers recognize us as the premium service provider and are willing to pay premium prices for our services because we deliver value.

We have the highest standards of performance in the industry, including uniformed employees, new trucks, clean & branded trailers, and all our owners/operators are police background checked.

The #1 Home and Office Cleaning Franchise opportunity: Our Customers

Our two core demographics are an aging population who desire to remain in their homes, and young professional 2-earner families with young children and little time for maintaining their homes. They use us because they trust us.

Both our core demographics will continue to show strong demand for decades to come.

The #1 Home and Office Cleaning Franchise Opportunity in BC compared to Australia

We expect Jim’s Cleaning Canada to experience growth similar to Australia. Australia has over 1,000 franchisees. In comparison, we currently have only 65+ franchisees in BC. With strong demand from costumers and a limited number of franchisees, we will have plenty of room for growth for decades.

The #1 Home and Office Cleaning Franchise: Recession and Pandemic Proof

Jim’s Cleaning has continued to grow at a steady pace over the past 20 years. Even through recessions and the Coronavirus pandemic, our sales and number of franchisees have continued to grow at a strong pace.

Interestingly, the Coronavirus pandemic had an overall positive effect on our business, with new business up over 25% compared to the same period last year.

What You Need to Get Started with the #1 Home and Office Cleaning Franchise Worldwide

Jim’s Mowing has continued to grow at a steady pace over the past 25 years. Even through recessions and the Coronavirus pandemic, our sales and number of franchisees have continued to grow at a strong pace.

Interestingly, the Coronavirus pandemic had an overall positive effect on our business, with new business up over 25% compared to the same period last year. Consumers are less able/willing to travel and are therefore spending a large proportion of their discretionary budget on home improvement, especially on their outdoor spaces.

What You Need to Get Started with the #1 Lawn Mowing Franchise Worldwide

You can purchase a Jim’s Cleaning franchise territory for $20,000. Beyond that you will need a clean vehicle ($7-$12,000) and an equipment and branding package ($4,000) to start your home and office cleaning franchise in BC. This equipment package includes everything required to perform the basic jobs for which you will be contracted. Specialized equipment can also be purchased (or leased) but is not necessary for the basic operation of the Jim’s Cleaning franchise.

Other than the vehicle and equipment, very limited space, furniture and equipment are required to operate a successful Jim’s Cleaning franchise. Most of the equipment needed to run a franchise is stored in your vehicle, and the vehicle is usually street parked to benefit from free street advertising. A small parking area can be rented on private property at a reasonable cost in most municipalities (to store the trailer if street parking is not permitted).

The #1 Home and Office Cleaning Franchise: Work for Yourself, not by Yourself.

Jim’s Cleaning Franchisees have all the benefits of the small owner-operator (quality of work, personalized service, premium customer experience, etc.), but also enjoy all the benefits of a large organization (enterprise systems, support, training, research & development, advertising, and marketing expertise).

A Jim’s Cleaning franchise is really the best of both worlds.

About Us

Since 1989 the Jim’s Group has become the largest home services franchise organization globally with over 4,400 franchises worldwide, and Jim’s Mowing & Cleaning Canada supports the operations of 65+ Franchisees in British-Columbia.

Jim’s Cleaning has the brand, pricing-power, advertising, systems, software, support and training to help our franchisees get from start-up to success quickly and easily.

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